Monday, June 04, 2007

Where have all the flowers gone

flowers and little girlsflowers
60 000 flowering gerberas were installed on the steps leading to the Parliament House in Helsinki, as part III of Kaisa Salmi's environmental art project Eeden (Eden). The building is an ugly monolith. I felt the flowers juxtapose quite surreally with it. In another ten days or so, the flowers will be handed out to members of the public.


R.H. said...

Hello Miss anna. What an arrogant building. "Behave," it says, "Or I will destroy you."

Thank goodness for flowers.

Anna MR said...

Hei r.h. - welcome to this sadly-neglected photo bloggy of mine - please feel welcome to visit my "spoken word" one, too - Future of My Past.

The building is horrid with its megalomaniac dominance of the cityscape, I agree. I did think maybe the flowers would help the MPs to make more humane decisions (one can always hope).

I managed to pick up two of the gerberas for myself - if you are interested, see for my own wee installation. Not as impressive, admittedly - but possibly funnier.


R.H. said...

Colour won't help. Gloomy old MP's see everything black and white.
So do financiers, sociologists, property developers...

It goes on.

Anna MR said...

So there's no hope. Oh dear.

No, but surely, surely even black-and-white flowers are better than no flowers at all?

Sorry R.H. - something in your gloominess is cultivating a positive thinking in me - something I don't normally suffer from. Perhaps it's just the devil's advocate in me, who knows.

R.H. said...

Not at all. Being gloomy is fun.

Or what would I do?

Anna MR said...

Being gloomy is fun, you're right, R.H. You are currently occupying that spot so effectively I am left flapping unaccustomedly in the positive-outlook end of things. But no matter, I am sure practice will make me sound more natural at it.

Michaelandko said...

hi Anna
Nice pics, keep going !!


Anna MR said...

Hei Mike - lovely to see you. Your blogger site was the third I bookmarked on my mac, a year and a half ago... I was most upset when you stopped posting. I haven't checked you for a while, but am pleased to see there's new stuff now.

Will also have a look at your other site that you mention here. Do feel most welcome to nip back here again - and of course, my "spoken word" site Future of my Past - which is much more oft-updated.