Friday, September 19, 2008

Eerikinkatu street gallery

I like the way the posters and their surrounding shop windows go together, and collide. Please click on the images for a full-size picture - the reflections on the glass are lost otherwise, and they are nice.

The shop here is called "Venuksen kylpy", "The Bath of Venus".

The photo poster is called "Alttari", The "Altar".


Hyde DP said...

I love the one of the old man with his beautiful dressing gown and zimmer seat.

Wayne Dean said...

Wow, you're fucking annoying. In America, we'd say you try too fucking hard, you stupid cunt.

Anna MR said...

Hei Hyde DP, good to see you. Glad you liked the old dude - I had thought it was a lady person, but it barely matters, no? The dressing gown is lovely, and so are they. There's a beauty parlour right next to this substation (the photographs are mounted on electricity substations - sorry, just realised it might not be immediately obvious). I thought the old person considerably more attractive than a set of manicured false nails.

Anna MR said...

Hello, Wayne Dean, thank you for taking the time to comment. I would have to disagree with you, at least in part - I haven't actually tried hard at all to be annoying here. You might say the annoyingness here comes purely and strictly via natural talent. On the other hand, though, I have been fairly struggling with posting, lately, and this is why I'd have to agree with your assessment, too - my posts are not as free-flowing as they sometimes are. This is annoying, you're quite right - it annoys me, too, no end, please believe me, Wayne.

Your comment had me wondering on the dynamics of your blogging - what motivates your visits and commenting. I saw that you'd found this site through my profile page, so perhaps we have blogging friends in common. While you're most welcome to visit, comment and criticise in your present named-anonymity, I do find it a shame you don't leave a forwarding address so I could return the visit. I'd be very interested to read your writing (or see your pictures - having to go by assumptions here, as I don't know what, apart from commenting, you get up to in the blogosphere).

Do feel free to nip in if the mood grabs you - but please remember to behave towards other guests. I am very strict on that.

Best regards from a rainy north,

Anna MR