Saturday, October 07, 2006

The one man band played on

the one man band & leotard man

An American one man band guy was playing downtown. He told us his listeners he would do an old Finnish schlager as his last piece, which he sang in perfectly passable although heavily accented Finnish. The heavens opened, but members of the public rushed out with their umbrellas, to save his amp...

the one man band & leotard man contd.

...things got really hot when out of the rain-soaked crowd, a guy in a leotard emerged and did a dance with his perfectly ordinary-looking (male) friend.


Nathalie said...

A very funny story, pity we can't see more of it on your photo. Can you try a larger size? I rarely open them to enlarge them, I'm lazy!!!

Anna MR said...

Hey nathalie, thanks, I know the pictures should maybe be posted bigger. Trouble is flickr only gives so many options, and the bigger one throws the sidebar all the way down to the bottom of the page, which looks sort of messy (I am a finicky non-techno girl, me). Perhaps I'll take your suggestion to heart though and enlarge them, never mind the the meantime, bigger images are only a click away, just click on the image and it directs you to my flickr.