Saturday, August 25, 2007

Random bag people

Seen downtown today.


Kahless said...

Makes me think of a question I have...

Is the uk the only place who call crisps, crisps, as opposed to potato chips?

Anna MR said...

I haven't been everywhere, Kahless, so I cannot say with certainty. The real Finnish word is perunalastu, though, but because of a national sense of inferiority, we need to copy the Americans in many things. Unfortunate but true.

(Crisps is, of course, the proper name for crisps. It goes without saying. And chips are the things you eat with mushy peas and/or curry sauce, from a fish and chip shop. Yes indeedly.)

Kahless said...

Hei Anna,

Being a southerner (of England) by birth I wouldn't dream of soiling fish and chips with mushy peas (yuck) or curry sauce which those northerners (of England) do!

But then they wouldn't fancy jellied eels!

But yes, I am glad you agree, crisps is the proper name!

Anna MR said...

Kahless, I have left you here, munching on your jellied eels (oh yuck, no, I'm sorry) for quite some time. Sorry about that, and I can't think how that happened. Anyway, I am right (mushy peas, curry sauce), you are wrong (jellied eels), and we meet in the middle with crisps. I am glad this matter is now so beautifully sorted, and high time too. Hwyl fawr nawr, and sorry to keep you waiting for this bit of wisdom for so long.

Anonymous said...

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Anna MR said...

Well, Adam Brown, you're right, I must say. It isn't really all that related to my site, but then that's never been a criteria I've held very close to my heart or thinking - keeping to a thread, that is. It's just, you see my friend Adam Brown, that I have this sneakiest of suspicions that you're here on a mission - that you're not here only because of my beautiful photos or my entertaining intelligent banter, or even for vaguer, more personal reasons like feeling like you've never actually met anyone in your whole life - you've known people, sure, but really truly honestly eye-to-eye, soul-to-soul seen someone - that's the thing that I'm talking about, the thing that drives some people to root around etherspace online, in the hope of finally, before death comes swooping in, seeing and being seen by a fellow human.

Yes. These things do happen, as well, Adam Brown, I am happy to tell you and bear witness of such events on a very personal level. However, to go back a bit before I lost it in such a lovely manner, I don't think this is what brought you here. No. I think you think I will be silly enough to click on the link you come bearing (and believe me, Adam Brown, you speaketh to the Queen of silly links. I'll see your silly links at dawn, I shall - and only one of us shall walk away, I'm afraid, Adam Brown). But, do you know, Adam Brown, I have a feeling I'm going to show disdain for your link for reasons best known to myself and everyone else who'll ever venture here, by chance or intentionally - even you, Adam Brown, if you ever paused to think about it would see the reasoning for my disinterest for your ab link.

And do you know, my body is really nice and I don't even need any poxy diet. So you just go huff and puff in your abs machine and ruin your chances of finding true friendship and camaraderie within the online community, whilst I go and stuff my face with the Пасха and кулич I have cleverly, talentedly, lovingly prepared myself as Easter delicacies.

Good-bye, Adam Brown - I have no ill will towards you, although you do seem a bit of a prat, no offence.

Zhoen said...

This makes me laugh, and I don't want to analyze why, exactly.

Anna MR said...

Hei Zhoen - lovely to see you, and so quickly, too. I'm glad you laughed but do tell me, please, was it the picture or my response to "Adam Brown" - or, dare I hope for it, both (I was secretly giggling away to myself with my words to AB, shameful though it is to laugh at one's own jokes)?

Anyway. Lovely to see you. I'm mostly residing at the other, "spoken-word" blog. You're most welcome at both, of course.